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Optimizer Pro is a program that enables you to keep your PC clean
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You may be wondering why your computer is not as fast as it used to be when it was new. Do not worry, most of the time this excessive slowness is the result of your PC being full of junk data. Cleaning up computers from these data has become the sole purpose of a whole type of software: optimizers.

Optimizer Pro is just one among the many optimizers around. It offers you to scan your PC to find and fix different types of errors. The fact is that it is very hard to tell how good an optimizer is, because, unless your PC is in really critical condition, the results are not always noticeable. Most of them boast about finding a high number of errors even when you have just supposedly fixed a similar amount of errors with another optimizer.

Compared with similar software, Optimizer Pro does not include as many options and tools. However, it does offer a series of tools organized in tabs. Using this application is not difficult. In this respect, if you are an inexperienced user, you should avoid messing with complicated options; so perhaps the Home tab will have everything you need to perform a basic system scan. Other available options include scanning the registry or customizing what areas you want to check. You can also clean up your file system by erasing private data, temp files, residual files and invalid shortcuts. Additionally, you will have access to optimizing options, such as enabling prefetching or performing automatic system login.

The Settings tab will allow you to configure different tools. Speed Guard will monitor your system’s performance, setting the program to run from the system tray. Personally, I did not like this option as it seemed somewhat intrusive and interrupted my work several times. However, you can simply deactivate it. You will also be able to schedule scans to launch at startup, at a given time or regularly. In addition, if there are some registry keys you would prefer Optimizer Pro not to mess with, you can add them to exclusion lists.

The real value of any system optimizer is hidden in its code. For the end user, this can only be known from the results. However, the trial version of Optimizer Pro will not give you a chance to check those results. It will be limited to presenting long lists of supposed errors, and you will not be allowed to fix any of those. Moreover, this program absolutely slowed down my system’s startup, and even worse than that, my antivirus program reported it as adware.

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  • The trial version does not allow cleaning any errors
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